The popular password management app for Mac arrives on Windows


  • Browser integration
  • Makes using safe passwords easy
  • Password generator


  • Not enough browsers supported
  • No offline help

Very good

If you're looking for a way of managing multiple passwords, take a look at 1Password, a rock-solid application to record your logins and, most importantly, keep them encrypted and totally safe.

1Password is hugely popular on Macs and so it's exciting to see it finally released for Windows. The first step when using 1Password is to define a master password. Then you'll see the main interface, where you can manually add passwords and logons, as well as other sensitive information, such as bank and membership information, online identities and even secure notes.

The best feature of 1Password however, is that you don't have to manually add anything - the app is integrated with both Firefox and Internet Explorer and will monitor your surfing for passwords, ask you if you want to save them and store them for future use. You can generate a random password when needed, and every password is assessed for security.

You'll also be able to manage all your passwords with 1Password, sorting, editing and filing them so you never loose track. The app also has some nice additional features, such as an auto-lock feature, automatic back-ups and a search function. All in all, 1Password is an excellent password management app.

If you have more passwords than you care to remember, turn to 1Password for some extra help.




User reviews about 1Password

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    It's a bit fiddly setting up but once you've got passed that things run smoothly .Also auto setting s...   More